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Video, Image, and Sound Effects Guide

Find video, images, and sound effects and learn how to use them

How Can I Access Library Resources from Off Campus?

The library subscribes to many online resources.  To access those resources you have to sign in via Middlebury's system before you get  to the database or website in order to be recognized as a subscriber when you get there. 

You do this by starting at the library homepage or research guides and following our links to databases, ebooks, journals, etc.  When off campus, you will be prompted for your midd login using our OpenAthens system, similarly to how you log into our computers on campus.  If you go straight to an article or database from google when you are off campus, you cannot be authenticated and you won't get access (unless it is a free resource). Learn more about the transition to OpenAthens.

Help, I've hit a Paywall. Do I Need to Buy Access?

In most cases No!  But what should you do?

Check our holdings. Did you follow a link from the library homepage or database after you logged in to our system? If not, look up the item using LibrarySearch and follow the links from there.  We might even have it from another source. (Many articles also appear in full-text library databases rather than just from the publisher website).

Does the item not show up in a search or only show up as a citation and no full-text online? In that case, request it via Interlibrary Loan!  It won't be instant but we will do our best to get you a pdf of the article or item.

In the case of books, you may need to request that we buy an e-book for the library collection, using our Purchase Request Form. In many cases, an e-book may not be commercially available. If you can identify a few chapters you really need, you can put in a request through Interlibrary Loan and we can usually get them as pdf's (whole books cannot be scanned due to copyright restrictions).

Not sure what option to use? Reach out to us librarians using our Ask a Librarian page. We can work with you to determine the best ways to meet your research needs.