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RefWorks @ Middlebury

How to use RefWorks citation management software


The Library is canceling its subscription to RefWorks effective June 30, 2017. After that date, students, faculty, staff and alumni will not be able to use RefWorks through the library’s subscription.  

We no longer support the creation of new RefWorks accounts. If you already have a RefWorks account, see the Migrate from RefWorks page for advice on how to save your RefWorks citations for use in other applications. If you would like assistance, or if you have any questions, please contact a librarian at


How to create a bibliography

This page explains how to create a bibliography at the end of your research paper. Once you've saved citations to your RefWorks account and added in-text citations, footnotes or end notes to your paper, select from the instructions below.

One Line/Cite

If you used the One Line/Cite method to add citations to your paper, follow these instructions to create a bibliography. .

  • One Line/Cite. You will upload your paper to RefWorks, and RefWorks will convert the reference codes into notes and a bibliography. Instructions at Using One Line/Cite (scroll down until you see "To create your bibliography and format your paper").


If you used the Write-N-Cite method to add citations to your paper, follow these instructions to create a bibliography.

Create a simple bibliography

You can create a bibliography all on its own; it does not have to be connected to in-text citations or notes. 


Output Style Modifications

Question: When I modify an output style, my changes aren't applied when I create endnotes (or footnotes).

Answer: Check your modifications. You might have modified the style for only the "Generic"  Reference Type (look for the drop-down located above the "Fields for this Type" and "Output Field Order" boxes).  You also should modify the style for other types of sources, e.g., Book and Journal Article.

Multiple References for One Sentence

Question:  How can I get Write-and-Cite to format references like this: (Alban et al. 2000; Anderson and Dombrowski 2009; Ayotte et al. 2007), instead of like this: (Alban et al. 2000)(Anderson and Dombrowski 2009)(Ayotte et al. 2007).

Answer: To insert multiple citations in the same location, you need to either: a) Continually click the ‘Cite’ links in Write-N-Cite, or, b) Insert the cursor within the last set of curly brackets before clicking on 'Cite' link. The program will automatically add the citations in correctly without having to do anything else.