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Library Tips for Peer Writing Tutors

Peer Writing Tutors may use this site to find relevant library resources and to make referrals to librarians.


Peer Writing Tutors sometimes encounter students who need help with their research. This website provides advice on when and how to refer questions to librarians as well as self-service links to relevant library resources.

Not sure where to start?

When you're helping a student with a paper and you realize they need better sources to back up their claims, what should you do?

  1. Refer the student to a librarian. We're here most days and evenings. Find our hours and locations at Ask Us [go/askus/].
  2. Try the CTLR Research FAQ for questions commonly received by Peer Writing Tutors.
  3. Review the Library's Ask Us! FAQ [go/askus/] for advice that's common to all kinds of research, for example finding images, citing sources, and evaluating sources.
  4. Use our research guides [go/guides/] for more specific needs, for example scholarly and discipline-specific sources. There's a guide for every academic department.

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