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History - European

A guide to library and quality web resources useful for European history research


Use LibrarySearch to find resources from all disciplines.


Don't forget to use the date limit if you want to narrow results to the most recent content (for secondary sources) or to a specific date range for primary sources contemporary to your topic. 

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Newspaper Indexing

A Word About Newspaper Indexing

Keep in mind that many newspapers were not indexed until the 1960's or later. Even on newspaper Web sites, indexing often does not go back before the 1980's, if that. For earlier time periods, you will need to determine the dates important for your research, request the relevant microfilm and scan the newspapers themselves for your topic. Keep in mind that this type of searching is laborious, so try to narrow the time period you intend to cover.

TIP: Try using the indexes of the papers in our collection (e.g., New York Times) to pinpoint dates of important events.