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Scholarly Identity

Guide to digital scholarly IDs

Create an ORCID iD

Registering is easy and takes no more than a couple minutes. Once you have created an account, you will be prompted to add some biographical information and link your name to your publications. The more information you add to your ORCID profile the more likely your works will be found and used. You can add your ORCID iD to any web page or your CV.

Sample ORCID iD: ORCID iD icon

Filling out your profile


You can add your biographical information to your ORCID profile once you have set up your account. Use the plus sign on the tool bars to manually enter information. Do not include any personal information such as credit card, passwords, or social security number.

You can add other information in the left hand navigation, such as other names you publish under (or your name using another alphabet), keywords that relate to your research, your website, additional email accounts.

Link your works

There are three different ways to add your published works to your profile

Search & Link Works


ORCID Works toolbar with "Search & link" highlighted






  1. Select Search & Link Works on from the "Works" toolbar
  2. Select an organization from the list to find your works (to learn more about supported organizations click here)
  3. Authorize ORCID to connect to organization
  4. Search for your name or works
  5. Click add to ORCID"Add to ORCID" button

Import BibTeX

Import citations from BibTeX (.bib) files, including files exported from Google Scholar. More information on importing BibTeX files.

Add Manually

Use this option to fill in the publication information for your works. Fill in as much information as you can

Displaying your ORCID iD on your website

ORCID provides code that allows you to integrate your ORCID iD anywhere on the web. Click on the link in the left side of your profile to access. The fonts will mimic the look and feel of the site you incorporate you iD into.