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EZproxy Bookmarlet: Home

Add the Midd Lib button to your browser to access journal articles we subscribe to from wherever you are.



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Bryan Carson
Davis Family Library 111
Subjects:German, Mathematics

EZproxy Bookmarklet

The easiest way to seamlessly connect to subscription e-resources is to enter through any of the Library's webpages. However, if you've started elsewhere, the EZproxy Bookmarklet can help. When you're on a webpage that you would like to redirect through the Middlebury Library's proxy server, another option is to use our bookmarklet. Here's how to install it:

Reload via Midd Lib

  1. Drag this button up to your bookmarks toolbar in your browser (or save it to your favorites toolbar):
  2. You will see a new button in your toolbar: "Reload via Midd Lib."
  3. Now, when you're on a web page that you'd like to redirect through the Library's proxy server, click this button to automatically reload the web page.

Note: This will only work if the Middlebury Library has a subscription to the resource.