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Information Literacy Resources

Additional Resources to support Information Literacy @ Middlebury

Learning Goals Timeline

The First Year:

In first year seminars and introductory-level classes, Midd students will further develop basic skills beyond their high school-level knowledge.

The Middle Years:

The goal is for students to learn in-depth, discipline-specific, methods, technologies, and resources during their middle years that will prepare them for capstone and independent work during their senior year.

By the Senior Year and after - what Midd students should be able to do:

By the end of the senior year, students will be sophisticated researchers capable of independent inquiry and analysis. They will be able to use the best evidence to support a thesis and critically evaluate arguments. They will be collaborative producers of information who are capable of presenting and publishing in multiple media and who effectively use the most appropriate formats and techniques. They will be able to adapt to new technologies and resources in order to continue lifelong, independent learning.