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English & American Literature

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Call Numbers for English & American Literature

(these are not complete lists of call number breakdowns)

PR 1-9680  English literature

PR 1-78  Literary history and criticism

PR 1098-1369  Collections of English literature

PR 1490-1799   Anglo-Saxon literature

PR 1803-2165  Anglo-Norman period. Early English. Middle English

PR 2199-3195  English renaissance (1500-1640)

PR 3291-3785  17th and 18th centuries

PR 3991-5990  19th century

PR 6000-6049  1900-1960

PR 6050-6076  1961-2000

PR 6100-6126  2001-present

PR 8309-9680  English literature: Provincial, local, etc.

PS 1-3676  American literature

PS 241-286  Special regions, states, etc.

PS 490  Juvenile literature (General)

PS 501-689  Collections of American literature

PS 700-893  Colonial period (17th and 18th centuries)

PS 991-3390  19th century

PS 3500-3549  1900-1960

PS 3550-3576  1961-2000

PS 3600-3626  2001-present

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