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Carrie Macfarlane

Director of Research & Instruction
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Carrie Macfarlane
For Spring 2021, I am available online. To talk with me, please send an email or schedule an appointment. I'll look forward to hearing from you!
Hello! As the Director of Research & Instruction, I am the leader of the library's programs for research instruction for students, faculty, and staff. I also lead the library's liaison program.

For Spring 2021, I’m available via email, chat or video. To schedule a meeting, use the “Schedule Appointment” button below my photo. After you pick a time, you'll receive a message with a contact link and phone number.

I serve as the subject specialist in the library for Psychology, Neuroscience, Abenaki, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and the Writing and Rhetoric Program. I love to provide assistance through one-on-one appointments, in-class instruction sessions, or through online research guides or other instructional materials.

What do we do in appointments and instruction sessions? That depends entirely on what you need! Here are some ideas: We can work on refining a research topic, defining a research question, navigating research databases, or locating, evaluating and citing sources. Click on the "Schedule Appointment" button to find out more!

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