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Carrie M. Macfarlane

Director of Research & Instruction
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Carrie M. Macfarlane
My office is Davis Family Library 209, but the quickest way to reach me is by email or appointment.
Hello! I'm the librarian for Psychology, Neuroscience, Writing and Rhetoric, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I’m the best person to contact when you need library advice in any of these subject areas.

I help students, faculty, and staff in one-on-one appointments and group instruction sessions. I also write research guides, and I answer questions via email, chat, and in person at the Research Desk.

To contact me, use the links below my photo!

What might we do in a one-on-one research appointment? That depends on what you need. Here are a few ideas: we could refine a topic, define a question, choose a place to start, or select and revise search terms. We also could locate, evaluate, or cite sources. During our meeting, we’ll usually compile a list of next steps to take after you leave.

As the Director of Research & Instruction, I also oversee the library's instruction and liaison programs. Faculty, please ask me about scheduling an instruction session for your class!

My Guides

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Writing and Rhetoric
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