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Internet News, Fact-Checking, & Critical Thinking

Journalism and library resources

Techniques for Evaluating the Web

Standard for Journalists

VIA - Verification, Independence, and Accountability

"Does this news report verify its statements? (Does the reporter, in other words, open the freezer?) Has this person or organization created a report free of entanglements or agendas? Does the editor or producer stand by the accuracy of the report and hold accountable whatever sources are quoted?" --Renée Loth "What's Black and White and Retweeted All Over? Teaching News Literacy in the Digital Age."

Use the SIFT technique for evaluating sources (from Plymouth State University's Tackling Wicked Problems adapted from Mike Caulfield's 4 moves):

S = Stop / pause and check your emotions (content evoking strong emotions should particularly be checked)
I = Investigate the Source (read laterally to check facts - see what others say about the source)
F = Find better coverage
T = Trace claims, quotes, media to the original context / source (go "upstream" to the source)