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Amy Frazier

Film & Media Librarian
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Amy Frazier
Davis Family Library 206
Hi there! As the Film & Media Librarian, I provide general research and technology assistance to students, faculty, and staff at Middlebury, and specialist support in video and media-related tools and resources.

I serve as the subject specialist in the library for Film & Media Culture, Theatre, Dance, and American Studies.

I can provide assistance through one-on-one appointments, in-class instruction sessions, or through online research guides or other instructional materials.

My Guides

Last update: Aug 19, 2022 247 views
American Studies
Last update: Sep 26, 2022 150 views
Last update: Apr 11, 2022 303 views
Last update: Nov 8, 2021 24 views
Comparative Literature
Last update: Aug 9, 2022 27 views
Last update: Sep 21, 2022 25 views
Last update: Sep 28, 2022 1162 views
Film & Media Culture
Last update: Sep 21, 2022 114 views
Last update: May 3, 2022 15 views
Last update: Sep 8, 2022 535 views
Last update: Aug 10, 2022 72 views
Last update: Aug 18, 2022 349 views
Last update: Sep 21, 2022 576 views
Video Tutorials
Last update: Aug 4, 2022 36 views