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Explore zine history, guides, and examples available at the library.

What is a zine?

A zine (zeen), shorthand for a magazine or fanzine, is a self-published pamphlet or book, usually produced by-hand, or a photocopier, with images, texts, or collage. Zines are sort of related to Artist's Books, and to the Book Arts. Visit to learn more. 

Special Collections has over 100 zines by students and zine artists. Visit us to see them!

Zines (in the Library)

Make Your Own!

Learn more at

Here's a small, compact 6 pager guide to download and print and here's the step-by-step.

6 pager


We have more downloadable directions! Recycled Book Paper FlowersTurkish Fold Pop-up Book, a three-hole pamphlet stitch, and a one-sheet-8-page instant book (download the illustrated guide below or watch a YouTube how-to!)


8 Page Sheet of Paper Zine
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Cootie Catcher How To

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This is a Cootie Catcher! Watch a video on YouTube to learn more.

Helpful Websites

Visit Special Collections

Davis Family Library 101 (Lower Level)