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ECON 155: Introductory Microeconomics

Resources for the course ECON 155: Introductory Microeconomics

Not Sure Where to Start?


MIDCAT, the Library's catalog, allows you to search on a number of fields like title, author, etc. Two of the most useful fields to search when you're starting your research are keywords and subjects.

Keyword searches cover all of the fields in an item's record in the catalog, so they can find words in the title, subjects (see below), author, table of contents, and any other fields. Some useful keywords for your research in this class could include things like microeconomics, economic policies, inequality, etc.

Subject searches cover all only the field labeled "Subjects." These are applied to different items by trained librarians (called catalogers), and are a great to "browse" larger numbers of books on different topics. See some useful subject headings for your searches below, and pay attention to the subject headings of any other books you might find.

Background and Reference Materials


Citation Help (Chicago)