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Thesis Guide

Resources for students writing a thesis or working on a senior project

Access to Other Libraries


If you are unable to borrow materials from Interlibrary Loan or need to use archives or specialized databases Midd does not subscribe to, you may want to travel to another library. 

Questions to Consider

  • Is there another relevant library/archive in the area?
  • Is there a relevant library/archive near where you are going on break? 
  • Will you need funding to travel? (hint: check the Undergraduate Research Office, go/URO)


Many libraries allow students to use their libraries and use materials on site.  Access policies to academic and research libraries vary widely. In general, it is wise to contact a library in advance to determine if you will be granted access, at what level, and with what documents. For instance, students can use the University of Vermont's libraries in person, but cannot check out materials. (Check for access exceptions during exam time).

If a letter of introduction is required by a library, request it at the Library Administration office located behind the Circulation desk of the Davis Family Library.

Ilsley Public Library (Middlebury)

Located in downtown Middlebury on Main Street.

Just show your Middlebury College ID and you will qualify to get a Ilsley Library Card to check out materials directly. Ilsley has a nice collection of popular audio books and DVD's; children's literature, and other popular topics.