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Editing Wikipedia

A guide to resources for new editors. Shortcut: go/wikiguide

Let's Get Started

So you want to edit Wikipedia but need help getting started?  There are lots of help pages and tutorials on Wikipedia and its education foundation and on other sites.  This guide (go/wikipediaguide) provides links to helpful tutorials (below) to get you started as well as links to documentation & short tutorials (left menu) on common topics you might need quick help with as you are editing.

The Five Pillars

  1. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia

  2. Wikipedia has a neutral point of view

  3. Wikipedia is free content

  4. Wikipedians should interact in a respectful and civil manner

  5. Wikipedia does not have firm rules


Start with the Student Training Modules below before using the options on the left menu.

Wiki Education Foundation Training Modules for Students

Wiki Education Foundation ( Student Training Modules

Provides 3 basic modules which give you an overview and basic editing steps. 
Start with the first 3 in this order:

  • Wikipedia Essentials (core policies and guidelines) - Approximately 23 minutes to complete
  • Editing Basics - (set up your account, sandboxes, talk pages, how to edit) - Approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • Evaluating Articles and Sources (what makes a good article, what makes a good source to cite and how, paraphrasing, copyright, etc.) - Approximately 15 minutes to complete

For more in-depth help, see their additional tutorials on specific topics:


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