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History - Ancient & Medieval

A guide to library and quality web resources useful for ancient & medieval history research


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Browse by Historical Time Period

In MIDCAT, use a SUBJECT search and browse by [Country name] -- history --  


midcat subject search

Page through results until you've seen all of your options.  You'll find broad date ranges as well as headings for specific time periods or events. 


france history medieval period 987 to 1515


What's the difference between keyword and subject search?

Keyword searches the entire database record (titles, descriptions, subjects).  You can use any terms you think might show up in a record.

Subject only searches the subject heading field of the record.  It only uses Library of Congress subject headings ("controlled vocabulary").

Tip: start with a keyword search.  When you find something relevant, follow the subject links to find related items or incorporate the subject terms into your keyword search.

Not in Midcat - What Next?

worldcat database home         Catalog of library holdings worldwide.  Provides links to borrow items from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan.

Tip: Worldcat, LibrarySearch, and many library databases include a link to Interlibrary Loan from each item we don't have. Look for the a Request button or links with the words Interlibrary Loan, ILLiad, or similar.

Find Primary Sources in Books

Search strategies can be found on this handout:

Finding Primary Sources in the Library using MIDCAT