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Citation & Style Guide

This guide will help you find information, tools and resources on citation and style.

What Are "Citation Managers"?

Basically, these are tools that help you with in-text citations, endnotes, footnotes, and bibliographies. What could be better?!

Caution: these tools make creating citations easier. But you still have to use your brain! Check to see that all necessary information has been imported and formatted correctly.


Best Bet!

Zotero header

Grab a Citation!

MIDCAT, LibrarySearch, and most online databases now have 'instant citation creators' somewhere on the page where you find your source.

In MIDCAT, for example, just click "Cite this item" below the title & publication info:

For another example, JSTOR includes a small tool box with various ways to capture citations:

MS Word

MS Word has a toolbar feature that enables you to automatically create citations and bibliographies.

More Free and Simple Citation Tools

Here are some additional  tools to help you cite. They do not have as many options as the full Zotero application.  Generally, these require manual input of text, but some can search by url, doi, or isbn to retrieve the data. These tools create the order & punctuation for you.