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Vermont Genealogy Resources

A basic guide for beginning research on Vermont genealogy


Branches and Twigs, by the Genealogical Society of Vermont. (Vt. Coll. Periodicals 1980-1995)

New England Historical and Genealogical Register (Periodicals 1847-1910)

Vermont History, by the Vermont Historical Society. (Vt. Coll. Periodicals 1945- ) Preceded by Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society (1860-1943) and Vermont Quarterly (1944-1953) Have cumulative indexes for 1943-1952, 1930-42 and 1953-1977.

Vermonter (Vt. Coll. Periodicals 1895-1945) Has cumulative index for 1913-1939.

Information on Vermont appears in other periodicals, not at Davis Family Library, such as The Vermont Antiquarian (3v., 1902-5). See the Genealogical Periodical Annual Index for articles concerning Vermont and other states, also Jacobus' Index to Genealogical Periodicals, both available at the library of the Vermont Historical Society in Montpelier.

A complete list of Journals A - Z may be helpful in identifying additional journals we subscribe to.

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