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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ Studies

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How Do I Find Primary Sources?

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Don't forget that magazines, literary & art journals, film, books and more can be primary sources too (see tutorial for explanation).  Use those resources as well.

  • Books can be primary sources either directly (example, memoirs, creative works) or by reprinting primary sources (collections of letters, documents, etc.).
  • Secondary Sources may list primary sources in the bibliography.  If published, you may be able to borrow the item.

Newspaper Articles

Find a specific newspaper 
Search by title.

Newspaper Research Guide
Detailed assistance finding current and historical newspaper resources.

Archival Collections

Primary Sources on the Web

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Primary sources were created at the time of an event or period. They are often the product of an eyewitness or an original creator. They might be original reports of an event, artifacts from an event or time period, or creative works, and include:

  • memoirs
  • letters
  • interviews
  • pottery
  • novels
  • poems

Secondary sources interpret, analyze, or contextualize primary sources. They are second-hand interpretations. They might include:

  • documentaries
  • biographies
  • textbooks
  • research articles