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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Learn how to find and use OER for teaching and learning (go/oerguide/)

What are OER?

  • OER are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free to use and accessible to all. 

  • OER allow anyone to adapt, revise, remix, and share the materials—wherever, whenever.

  • This open use is made possible through an "open license" (often through Creative Commons) that works alongside copyright to permit a wide range of uses.

Examples of OER

OER are open, peer-reviewed textbooks, streaming videos, assignments, syllabi, and more:

Why Choose OER?

Benefits for students:

  • Access to assigned materials on the first day of class, and materials can be retained throughout their years at Middlebury and beyond.
  • A hard-to-beat price tag: free!

Benefits for faculty:

  • A classroom where every student has equal and consistent access to the course materials on day one and throughout the term. 
  • The flexibility to adapt open materials to one’s specific pedagogy, and to adjust the materials as needed from year to year.