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E-books and Audiobooks at Middlebury

Information about various e-book packages available through the Middlebury Library

Collection Description


EBSCOhost ebook Academic Collection provides access to 157,000 academic e-books on a wide variety of subject areas.


EBSCO e-books can be read on and downloaded to:

  • PCs
  • Macs
  • iOS devices (iPhones/iPads)
  • Android devices


To download an e-book, first click on "Download" from the left-hand menu

You should see the following download dialog:

Select the length of time you'd like to have access to the e-book, and, if you have the option, the download format (not all e-books are available in EPUB format).

You will need to have Adobe Digital Editions (for downloading to PC/Mac) or Bluefire Reader (for mobile devices - Android or iOS) in order to view the e-book.


To print pages from an e-book, open the e-book and select the print icon from the top menu:


A dialog box will open allowing you to select which pages to print, and will also show the maximum number of pages the publisher allows to be printed.  Note: in this example, the last option ("This section: 244 pages") is not available to select because it exceeds the 60 page limit on printing placed by the publisher: