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History - Asian

A guide to library and quality web resources useful for Asian history research

See the Newspapers & Books Sections Too!

Don't forget that newspapers, articles, and books can be primary sources too (see tutorial for explanation).  Use those tabs as well.

  • Books can be primary sources either directly (example, memoirs) or by reprinting primary sources (collections of letters, documents, etc.).
  • Secondary Sources may list primary sources in the bibliography.  If published, you may be able to borrow the item.

Not Sure Where to Start?

The best resources will depend on  your topic.  Scan the list for your region to see if we have something specialized that matches your country and time period, but also check the All Countries section.  These resources should be helpful for any topic (everyone should try these):

Primary Sources - All Countries

The following resources cover multiple countries & regions.  Use these AND the resources on the Country-Specific pages.

Primary Sources Handouts

Additional Research Guides