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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

A guide to interlibrary loan at Middlbeury Libraries

Ordering electronic content via ILL

Option 1: Request an ebook loan!

Use the Format: (Physical or E-Resource) question on the ILLiad 'Loan Request' pages to select an E-Resource or ebook.

Don’t want or can’t access a full ebook?

Option 2: Scans!

Step 1: Request a Table of Contents and Index.

Most books have a Table of Contents that lists the chapters inside along with their starting page numbers. Many nonfiction books also have Indices (the plural for Index) which list the topics that the book covers with instructions for where to find the entries on each topic.

If you request a scan of the Table of Contents (or ToC) and Index for a book, we will provide you with a PDF of all that information. You can then use those as reference to see what the book contains and whether any parts of it will be useful to you.

Step 2: Request scans of the chapters that are most helpful to you

Copyright prevents us from scanning entire books, but it doesn’t stop us from providing little bits here and there. If you find that there are some chapters relevant to your interests, ask for them. Whenever possible, limit yourself to one chapter per request—this cuts down in scanning errors. If you need a particularly long chapter or section, break it down still further into requests that are less than fifty pages long.

Option 3: Communicate as much info with us as you can!

The Note field at the bottom of each request you make is visible to staff. If you have something you think we should know, don’t hesitate to put it there. We are happy to work with you if you have mobility limitations, if you’re off campus/abroad, or if you need other accommodations.

Option 4: When in doubt, contact us directly

Email or call us or stop in at the front desk of the Davis Family Library and ask to speak with us directly. We are here to help and will do everything we can to figure out how to make the system work for your needs.