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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

A guide to interlibrary loan at Middlbeury Libraries

Requesting ILL Renewals

Renewals can be requested two ways:

  1. From the courtesy email
    1. You will receive an email (letting you know your request is due in 7 days) with a direct link to renew
    2. Click on the direct link and login to your ILL account.
  2. Directly within your ILL account
    1. From the Main Menu in ILLiad you can see a list of your currently checked out items.  Each item eligible for renewal will have a renewal link.Renewal button for ILL
    2. Click the "Renew" button to request a renewal. (If the button does not appear, the item has already been renewed or the lending library does not allow renewals. If you still need the item, click the"View" button to open the request and then click "Clone Request" button and hit "Submit".  This places a new request for the item, and we'll try to locate another copy for you.)
    3. You will see the following message and your renewal request has been submitted we'll update your record with a temporary due date and email you with a final due date when we hear back from the lending library.
    4. The ILL department will contact the lending library to request a renewal for that item.
    5. Once the lending library responds, you will get an email from the ILL department informing you whether the lending library was able to renew the item and the due date.  


Renewal Granted Email:

Renewal Denied Email:  

If your renewal request is denied and still need the item, click the "Clone Request" button and hit "Submit".  This places a new request for the item, and we'll try to locate another copy for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at extension (802) 443-498 or

What if the Renew Request Button Is Not There?

The material is unable to be renewed or has already been denied for renewal; not all libraries allow renewals. If you still need the material, please submit a new ILL request for it, and we'll try to locate another copy for you.

Can I Renew an Interlibrary Loan Request? How? How Many Times?

Renewals are allowed based on the Lenders policies and system and item type. 


Loan Period



ILLiad @Middlebury

30-60 days  




ILL items may be recalled at anytime (prior to the due date) by the lending library.

When you renew an ILLiad item, we send a request to the lender asking for a renewal. Each lender has its own policies and thus there will be different loan periods depending on the lender who provided the item. Keep the book while we process the request. We will e-mail you with a renewal approved or denied response and your new due date.

What Happens After I Request the Renewal?

The renewal request is sent to the lending library. You will receive an email letting you know whether the item was renewed and the due date.  

If you still need this material and your renewal was denied, please submit a new ILL request for it, and we will try to locate a different copy for you. You can clone an existing request in ILLiad to reorder quickly!