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Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

A guide to interlibrary loan at Middlbeury Libraries

What is ILL?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the sharing of library materials worldwide.

We find and borrow the resources you need that Middlebury does not have and also lend our materials to other libraries and institutions.

Interlibrary Loan Services

Borrowing from Other Libraries

Interlibrary Loan brings items worldwide here to Middlebury for patron use, but may have limits or restrictions on usage.

Self Service Request Form

To submit an ILL request, log in with your Middlebury Credentials at go/illiad/. You will be notified when your order has been submitted and when your materials are available. Loan requests will be sent to our library for you to pick up and articles and book chapters are sent to your ILL account as pdfs.

Instructions for ILLiad Requests.

About ILL Requests

Intelibrary Loan works through a lending software called ILLiad, which helps eligible patrons obtain materials that are not available at the Middlebury College Libraries. ILL services are made possible by participating libraries worldwide that share their collections with scholars, researchers, and students of other institutions. ILL can bring that rare and important resource right to your front door, but you may be required to return it in a month, or use it only in the Main Library. 

ILL requests are submitted and held in the ILLiad System. You can fill out an ILLiad form and submit it directly to the ILL Office for ordering, or you can search in any of Middlebury College's on-line databases.

Login to ILLiad (go/illiad/) to order new ILL requests, renew, or check the current status of your request.

Global ILL Service

Ever wondered where Middlebury can get ILL materials from?  This list is long.  
See a visual version of all the countries Middlebury ILL has worked with below: