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History - European

A guide to library and quality web resources useful for European history research

Primary Sources - United Kingdom / Great Britain

Use these AND the resources on the All Countries pages.

British Documents on Foreign Countries

""Confidential Print: Africa, 1834-1966 Middlebury Students, Faculty & Staff only

Online archive to the UK's Colonial, Dominion and Foreign Offices’ confidential correspondence relating to Africa between 1834 and 1966. Includes: European conquest and colonization, early stages of imperial expansion & indigenous resistance in the interior of western and southern Africa, the European scramble for the continent in the late 19th century, the expansion of settler colonialism in southern and eastern Africa, the rising challenges to imperialism in the 20th century, & European withdrawal from the continent in the 1950s and 1960s.  See Full Brochure

Additional Web Sites & Gateways